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The Who: Sweetie Fry

The Deets:  Sweetie Fry is ran by Keith Logan, a Cleveland Heights resident, who left corporate America behind in search of something sweeter. Keith began his soul searching quest to discover his next career which took him on a journey to taste some of the world’s best ice cream. On the last day of ice cream season, Keith ended up at a place called Tubby’s, voted New England’s finest. Keith loved the ice cream, and Tubby liked Keith so he became Keith’s mentor. Since then, Keith has graduated from the Penn State Ice Cream program and completed a course taught by two of the world’s top ice cream experts, all so he could make your favorite flavor better than you’ve ever tasted it before.And then there are the fries. Fries are another type of food which excites people. Just like great ice cream, there is something really special about a great french fry and so, Keith set out to make the perfect fry. He learned about pectin and starch, elasticity, crisp and more. From this, SweetieFry established a 7-step process that creates french fries with a great crispy exterior and a light fluffy interior. Sweety Fry is extending their business from a regular restaurant to a sweet treat catering company at weddings and other events.

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