Hines Hill | Handpicked Venue Highlight

We're thrilled to be hosting Handpicked at Hines Hill this year - it's an incredibly unique venue that we are thrilled to help show off!  Learn a little bit more about the history of the space with a venue highlight from Brittany, the Hines Hill Event Coordinator! 
Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Beckwith Photography

Hines Hill is a truly rustic setting nestled in our Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  There are many unique features and buildings to enjoy for all types of special events.  The entire campus was built before 1900 and was originally owned by the Jaite Family of Jaite Packaging.  After a series of other owners, Bobby Gioia purchased the property in the 1970s and began reconstruction.  Being a demolition contractor, he was able to take pieces of other buildings and create the beautiful patchwork that we now call the Hines Hill Campus today.  You can see pieces from all over Cleveland including the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, the Case Western Reserve Infirmary, and the original East Tech High School. 

The Hines Hill Conference Center is an 1800's bank barn hosting many original architectural features as well as beautiful updated woodwork and stained glass windows.  Your guests will be transported to a simpler time while still enjoying modern amenities such as plumbing and WiFi.  The Stone Cottage will take your breath away with its charming features and architectural delights.  It was the original chicken coop on the property, but has certainly transformed.  With lush woodwork, a fireplace, and two stone patios, your guests will feel cozy and comfortable year-round. The Hines Hill Campus is located just seconds away from the towpath, and minutes from park landmarks such as Boston Store and Brandywine Falls.

We look forward to sharing our space at Handpicked, and are excited for you to be able to enjoy one of Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s Extraordinary Spaces.

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