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The Who:  Amanda Cursaro, Stationery and Event Designer.  You might also see Ilario - my hubby and Baci's technology guru, Jami - my sister and blogger extraordinaire, Caitlin - Baci's Assistant Planner, Jennie - Baci's Planning Intern and Kimberly - Baci's Design Intern :o)

The What:  I love making things pretty, it's as simple as that :o)  It all started with my own wedding, six years ago, when my passion for beautiful paper pieces and a personalized wedding style evolved into what is know today as Baci Designer.  I love getting to know my clients on a personal level and creating a wedding design that perfectly reflects them.  I also adore getting to work with so many other talented individuals in the industry!

In my down time (Down time?  What's that, lol!), I enjoy reading lifestyle magazines and watching the latest movie snuggled on the couch with my hubby, our giant cat Morris and our little man, Greyson.

The Why:  Since moving back to Northeast Ohio from Charlotte, North Carolina in 2008, I've felt the local area deserved more - more credit for the presence of truly talented wedding vendors who believe that each wedding should be unique to the couple getting married and not just what is expected of them.  The vendors who aren't "wedding factories", but instead believe in thinking outside of the box for each and every event.  Handpicked is here to showcase those fabulous vendors!

One of my most recent favorite pieces of work:

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